KM-PRO group

KM-PRO Group combines following web portals, which provide different services (shopping services, education services, etc.) for Russian and English speakers.

IELFS – Italian E-learning Fashion School is an online school of fashion and style offering affordable long-distance education in fashion, image and style directly from Italy.

IELFS's instructors are Italian stylists, designers, editors, photographers, bloggers from Milan.

The long-distance form of education allows students to study at any time of day and night without leaving their homes anywhere in the world. All lessons take place in an online form from Milan.

Scuola Italiana di Moda e Stile (Italian School of Fashion and Style) — is the first and only european school for russian speakers, which offers affordable distance education in fashion, image and style. All the Scuola Italiana di Moda e Stile teachers are Italian stylists and designers from Milan.

Scuola Italiana di Moda e Stile offers different courses of image and style – for those people who are interested in looking stylish and fashionable all the time, and for those people who would like to get a professional career as a fashion-stylist.


Monthly fashion-magazine of Scuola Italiana di Moda e Stile – a platform where anyone, who is interested in fashion and beauty, have a chance to try his hand at creative work and styling.

Each issue of the fashion-magazine has different creative tasks related to the fashion world. And at the end of each month they select the best creative works and publish in the magazine.

Style Hunters Agency offers you services on shopping in Italy, France and England with a personal stylist or a shopping assistant. It employs the most professional and experienced stylists and shopping assistants, living and working in Italy, France and England.

You may choose, how your shopping will go abroad:

  • Personal shopping with a stylist/an assistant shopper;
  • Long-distance shopping;
  • Wholesale shopping for your shop.

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Fashion and Creativity

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